Big Bang Theory Issues

First off, think about how energy actually converts to matter? Take some stored energy and create me some hydrogen and helium. If this were possible as scientific principles suggest “Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, only converted from one to another” we could exist indefinitely, reignite dead stars, build enormous structures and so on. It is not as easy as theories and math suggest.

How did an infinite pin head sized ball of energy come into existence in the first place? How can a pin head sized amount of energy create millions of trillions of stellar masses instantly?

Current predictions suggest that in less than one second the universe expanded at 100 times the speed of light and expanding over 100,000 light years and creating all the matter in the universe.

For the Big Bang Theory to even hold water the universe would have had to expand at an unheard of rate of over 100 times the speed of light because if it didn’t expand that fast the entire matter of the universe would instantly have collapsed upon itself.

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